Higher Brain Living

The Basics

The higher brain, or the prefrontal cortex, activates your body’s ability to rejuvenate, find inner calm and meaning within a person’s life. Science has proven that we are only using five percent of that potential and by utilizing the Higher Brain system people can shift the physiological state of the brain to transform lives. Through a series of 22 sessions led by trained Higher Brain Living Facilitators, subtle energy neuro-pathways are opened and activated through gentle touch. This activation creates a feedback mechanism that brings oxygen and increased metabolism into the Higher Brain. Both a relaxing and empowering experience, it can be a gateway to joy and newfound purpose.

Lower Brain vs. Higher Brain – What are the differences?

The lower primitive survival part of the brain evolved when humans needed to be kept safe in a predator rich environment. The goal of the lower brain is that it wants to repeat the same patterns and routines that have proven to keep a person safe. In short, if a person survived getting eaten by a tiger that day, the lower brain considers itself successful and it therefore wants to continue those “safe” processes and routines. The lower brain is not concerned with whether these patterns are negative or not, but will continue to follow the routine because it feels safe. Perhaps a person is experiencing an unhealthy relationship or they are feeling physically unfit, if the lower brain is registering that each day they are, in the most basic sense of the word, “safe” the person is likely to continue to follow the same repetitive lifestyle. This does not allow an environment for people to change or grow because they are not able to permit the energy to access the higher brain and are hindered by the limiting lower brain. This higher brain element is a fairly new evolution in humans, which is why it has been more difficult to tap into. Anatomically it is present, however, many people struggle to reach it and thrive within it.

Where did Higher Brain Living Develop?

Founder, Dr. Michael Cotton, found himself struggling throughout life, feeling unfulfilled and lost, especially within college. He soon realized he could transform his life and after getting himself through college successfully and receiving his doctorate he focused his life and career on the elevation of consciousness. He spent 3 decades looking at therapeutic techniques, life coaching techniques, as well as other means that help people transform. Through pathways in the body Dr. Cotton developed he found that through gentle touch techniques people could send energy directly to the prefrontal cortex.

What will I be doing during a Higher Brain Living Session?

A Higher Brian Living session lasts for an average of 45 minutes. The goal is to reach the untapped potential in a client so when a facilitator accesses that in the right place and at the right time a release of energy will be guided to the Higher Brain. A breath response will occur which will allow oxygen to reach the area, stress will be reduced, and that energy will then transfer into their lives. A client will lie face down on a massage table, the facilitator will then cue the pathways in a very specific sequence, at which point a change in the breathing pattern will occur within the client. After the session the client will often feel free of tension and full of confidence upon shifting the energy from the lower brain to the higher brain. While at first the facilitator is guiding the client very closely, throughout the 22 sessions the client will be able to then create strategies for themselves in order to anchor and begin to move towards their goals.