What is access bars?

Like much of the human body there is energy constantly moving and navigating throughout an individual. Within a human brain there are 32 bars of energy that connect to different aspects of a person’s life, which have become known as “The Bars.” These access points are a storage location for electromagnetic components of thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions and beliefs that have circulated throughout a lifetime. There are bars for healing, body, control, awareness, creativity, power, aging, sex, and money – a total of 32 overall.

How does this process work?

Through a series of gentle touches to the specific bars on a person’s head, one can begin to clear away the energy locked in that area or aspect of life. Within five minutes of the session a facilitator can help erase 5,000 to 10,000 years of stored, preconceived points of view from different bars or even bars related to one another. In a relaxing and nurturing environment, an individual reaches a greater aspect of life with ease and comfort, tuning into the limitlessness that all people possess with ease. Many people find it difficult to “receive” in this world as the status quo teaches society to constantly be “doing.” However, the willingness to receive in these sessions will make it all the more successful.

How long does an Access Bar Session last?

A facilitator will be in tune with one specific body, so there is no official standard time. They will follow the flow of energy and give only what the client is willing to receive. Bars can range from 20 minutes if the client is interested in a few specific areas or up to 90 minutes for the full 32 bars. It is up to the individual to determine what they are willing to accept, there is no wrong way to have a bars session and the facilitator will always do what works best for the client.

What can I expect to feel at the beginning of my session?

While everyone experiences something different, many report a sense of pure relaxation and many even fall asleep. Some people see images; others feel a tingling, buzzing, or warm sensation. Because limitations are being released from the body an individual will often feel a strong sense of joy or happiness to the point they are unable to control their laughter or even tears.

How does this benefit my well-being and health?

Individuals have ideas about how life is supposed to be, what is possible and what is not, many rigidly define their lifestyles based on these routines and notions of how our world works. Because of this mindset, people are unable to branch out of that or see past anything that does match their predetermined view of a subject. This limits a humans capacity to change, limits their ability to grow and reach a potential within themselves they may not have known they possessed. After a session clients often find they are deeply relaxed, while feeling revitalized at the same time. If a client has been feeling depressed, a sense of happiness will be reached many times even after one session. They can help with sleeping issues and other ailments that allow a client quicker recovery time from an injury, surgery, or disease.

45 minute session $100
90 minute session $150
10 session 45 minute package $800
10 session 90 minute package $1000