Quantum Healing Hynotherapy

What is Quantum Healing Hypotherapy?

Pioneer practitioner of the Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy, Dolores Cannon, has become a world-renowned regressionist. Previously referred to as Past-Life Regression or Advanced Past-Life Regression, the current term was coined after Cannon and her student’s felt they needed a better phrase to describe what was being done, and since the technique revolves around instant healing from a higher source, “Quantum Healing” became the preferred terminology. Cannon’s technique involves inducing an individual to the Somnambulistic state of trance through visualization. This state is normally experienced only two times a day – once before a person is consciously awake and the moment before a person drifts off and falls asleep. Through this process Cannon has been able to discover that an individual can gain access to experiences of Past Lives they have lived as well as communicate with an aspect of each individual that exists just below the surface of our conscious mind, which she has come to be labeled, The Subconscious. This powerful aspect is infinitely knowledgeable and is an ever-present feature that is often overlooked in individuals. Over her 45-year career span, Cannon has encountered successful results from a wide range of patients.

How does the process work?

At the beginning of a session the client and the practitioner talk about questions the client may want to have answered. These can be related to current problems in their lives or things they have wondered since they were children. After the list is made, a client lies comfortably on a massage table or reclining chair and is brought into a very deep state of hypnosis. Once they’ve reached this deep level of hypnosis through the guidance of a QHHT practitioner they explore past lives together. The Subconscious is asked to speak to the practitioner, at which time the healing can begin. Some healing can be physical such as, tumors that were dissolved and absorbed back into the body, arties may be cleaned, or diabetics may find they no longer need their insulin. Some clients avoid surgeries by having back, knee, and hip pain healed. Others can have a more mental healing process where problems within their lives can be answered and advice given for difficult questions they are facing.

What role does The Subconscious play?

The Subconscious is the means by which a QHHT practitioner can tap into a persons ailments and begin to help heal them. The first steps is for the practitioner to ask the questions the client has about their own life, ones they have written down prior to the appointment, and by obtaining these answers the client can begin to understand the different areas of their life. This Higher Self is guiding the client through past lives, future lives, and any other experiences that can help explain why things are the way they are in a persons life. By taking you to where the problem originated, usually in a past life, more questions can be answered.